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A Mini Retreat Just for You!

Join Harshada, Adriana Rizzolo, and friends for a day of bhakti yoga, healing, movement and transformation.  

From 10 am to 7 pm, we will immerse ourselves in the "yoga of love". Bhakti Yoga is all about cultivating our personal relationship with the Divine. We do it through meditation, chanting (namasankirtana), satsang (discussion) and, in our NYC retreat, we'll cultivate bhakti through BODY TEMPLE DANCE. 

Harshada will be directing the retreat, holding satsang, guiding meditation, and making chai. He will be sharing teachings from the bhakti poets and also core teachings from texts like Bhagavad Gita and Narada Bhakti Sutra. Harshada's approach to Sacred Learning is known to be both incredibly deep and mystical and also very down to earth and relatable. If you haven't meditated with him, you need to. Our NYC day will be like a meditation retreat, a dance party, and soul family reunion all in one.  

Body Temple Founder Adriana Rizzolo will be guiding the movement and curating the music. Body Temple Dance is a powerful modality that works with the nervous system combining guided ecstatic movement with somatic awareness and imagination and energy healing. There will be some gentle therapeutic yoga and stretching too. All bodies and levels are welcome. Your body will be renewed by the end of the day as well as your body and soul. More about Body Temple here.

Love Sangha (Madhu Dwyer and Michelle Devi Williamson) will be supporting the kirtan practice. Kirtan (namasankirtana) is a classical mantra practice, originally from the Indian subcontinent, that combines the singing of mantras with music. If you know, you know. The vibration of the mantras, when sung out loud pervades not only the mind and heart, but the body and room as well. We will take the kirtan practice to the next level at the event. Here's more info on Love Sangha.

And YOU will be there, bringing your heart, your voice, and WHATEVER you want to lay down at the altar of love. Our retreats are intense and deep experiences of healing and spiritual learning, but they are also fun and enjoyable. At the immersion, we will have a WHOLE DAY together to dig in and drink deeply from the well of practice and community. 

Spaces are limited, so register today. 

To make the event accessible to as many people as possible, we are offering EARLYBIRD PAY WHAT YOU CAN options. It's a whole day of teachings and guided practice, so even if you can pay the maximum retreat fee, it's still a bargain. But if you can't for whatever reason, feel free to choose another option that works for you. 


10am - 7pm


Venue is beautiful space with easy parking and easily accessible via subway.

We will provide exact location when you sign up.

Feel free to EMAIL US with any questions. 

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Please only choose the "ready" level if paying the full amount will effect your ability to meet your basic needs. Thank you for paying maximum amount you can! It really helps us make our events accessible to more people.