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At first David (Harshada) became my meditation teacher.

I very quickly realized that David's gifts go far beyond meditation. He will guide you to create a life of meaning, depth, spirituality, Joy and personal success. I attribute much of my success as an artist to his unconventional and powerful approach to helping me realize my dreams.

 Lev - Actor, Filmmaker, Artist, New York City 

Grateful. This is the word that resonates with me after my Turning Point Retreat with David (Harshada). I am grateful in so many ways that I decided to take the chance on myself of wanting to make a new direction in my life, and grateful that David was the one to help me steer my ship. He was able to take all of the thoughts, hopes and dreams in my self and make a clear path to achieve them with hard work, dedication and practice. His insightfulness and years of experience welcome you into being a new student. Ojai was truly filled with grace and wonder. It was the perfect cornerstone to recapitulate my self.


   Emelia - Performer, Hair and Makeup Stylist, New York City

Private Training with David has been an incredibly life altering experience for me. I experienced profound transformation on my path with him. He has helped bring my spiritual practice into all aspects of life, which changed the game, brought me into my body and allowed me to experience a deeper relationship to goddess/ source /everything.

I am now a fuller, more expressive me in relationships, professionally and with my children. Not to mention just all around happier and more fulfilled. There is no area in my life that hasn’t been positively impacted through working with David. I am so grateful and continue to look forward to more opportunities to learn with him.


      Meaghan - Naturopathic Doctor, Mom, Canada 


My Private training with Harshada has been life changing and I'm not exaggerating. David helped me explore all that has been holding me back from doing what I truly knew what I wanted to with my life. With his guidance I was able to unleash the creativity and energy into a new project that has fueled my passion in life. 


His deep knowledge of the ancient Tantric texts mixed with his modern day approach is so impactful and applicable. I thank David for this incredible season of life I'm experiencing. If you're thinking about training with him, just do it. 


Evan -  Business Owner, Dad, Long Island, NY

Working with Harshada I felt deeply seen, held and affirmed in my power. David has a way of teasing out the little bullshit stories we tell ourselves in order to stay comfortable; you know, the ones that are actually just prolonging our suffering? He works strategically but with the sweetness and gentleness.

He worked efficiently (sometime fiercely) to hold me to my dharma, yet somehow it always felt like a kind chat with a friend. 

While carrying some serious wisdom teachings and having given himself wholeheartedly to his path, David is totally unpretentious and practical in the way he serves.

      Sasha - Farmer, Business Owner, Marin, CA

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