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Spiritual Leadership Training

November 13 2022 - Aug 15 2023

Our 9 Month Spiritual Leadership Training is the crown jewel of all of our offerings for committed seekers. Harshada has been offering these long-form trainings for many years. During the pandemic, he paused the 9 month training and is resuming this year and is ready to offering it in a whole new, even deeper way. 

I love our shorter courses and really think they're great, but, truly speaking, spiritual trainining is not meant to be a short-term engagement. The SLT gives us 9 months to dig in and do t​he work on ourselves and really learn. And while we're working, we're living a chunk of our lives. Our relationships, our work, our bodies, all of these elements of life are doing their own thing and they're in the mix. This is how real spiritual training happens.

In the training Harshada combines classical teachings with regular practices to initiate you into a way of being as a spiritual seeker.


The goal: A Soul Centered Life. The training will train your to connect deeply with your own inner truth, clearly with the Divine (as you understand it) and get free from whatever is holding you back from being deeply happy, free, and ready to serve in the highest way. 

 Many of the trainees are teachers or want to be teachers, but it's not a "teacher training" as such. The training sets you up to be a carrier of wisdom and servant of love in any situation. This is how he defines "spiritual leader". 

Harshada has been working with the classical wisdom teachings from the Indian Mystical Tradition for more than 30 years and has trained countless practitioners. Trainees in this year's SLT will be carefully selected acording to their readiness and willingness to commit to their own development. The other criteria is vision: what is the vision for how you will share what you learn. It doesn't mean you're going to be a dharma teacher. Maybe you're a visionary parent or a entreprenuer. Maybe you're in recovery and have a vision for a wisdom-driven life. Only you know. 

Harshada will initiate the trainees into various inner yoga practices including meditation practices, mantra practices, ritual, breathwork, and awareness practives and also share the root teachings where the practices come from.


The central text for this year's training is the 5000 Year Old Bhagavad Gita. Over the 9 months, Harshada will teach all 18 chapters of the essential text and weave in threads of Tantra, Vedanta, Bhakti, Yoga, as well as contemporary "success mindset" philosophy. 


You will learn teachings from texts such as:

  • Śiva Sutra

  • Narada Bhakti Sutra

  • Ashtvakra Samhita

  • Pantanjali Yoga Sutra and more. 

Most importantly, you will recieve 9 months of supervised sādhana. You don't need to take a break from your life, our training is made for people with busy lives. But you will need to live and examine your life through the lens of the training.​

Trainees will learn:

  • Meditation Techniques: At least nine different ways to meditate deeply. We will meditate daily during the 9 months.

  • Pranayama Techniques: Pranayamas will be included 

How it Works

Harshada will select a small group of trainees and engage with them for 9 months of life and practice and spiritual unfolding. Harshada will offer three group sessions per month and be available for office hours three times per month. Depending on your level of enrollment, you can also meet with Harshada for 1:1 healing sessions, consultations, and shorter dokusan-style conversations. You will be required to do daily practice, complete reading and other practice assignments, participate in group dialogs and attend at least one in-person retreat with Harshada during the 9 months. You can expect to dedicate between 30 and 60 minutes on average, per day.

The Nectar of Commitment 

We will have weeks off and you can take days off, but the true power of this training is the sustained commitment. It takes a particular kind of strength to stay with a process for 9 months. When you do, it will pay off. 

The Investment

There are two levels of commitment and two levels of investment.

  • The Sadhaka (most popular) level includes the three monthly group sessions, office hours of the 9 month training, plus up to two 1:1 sessions per month with Harshada and $1500 discount on tuition for the January India Pilgrimage Retreat. For the Sadhaka level the tuition is only $900 per month or $7500 Paid in full.

  •  The Siddha Level is a full mentorship for the 9 months including the training, $1500 discount for the India retreat, 3-4 1:1 sessions with Harshada (except during the India retreat), and text support via WhatsApp for the duration of the traiing. The tuition for the Siddha Level is $15000 paid in full (payment plans available on case-by-case basis).  

A very limited number of partial scholarships will be granted for the training. Discounts also available for qualified LGBTQR+ and BIPOC candidates. Email for details. 

How to Join

Take a moment to fill out the simple application below.



Advanced Training Application

The questions are designed to help you get clear, and give us a sense of who you are and where you're coming from. After reviewing the application, someone will get back to you and let you know the next steps. Harshada may want to have a conversation with you. If you have questions for him, please indicate them in the field below. 

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