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Ojai Summer Retreat

Dive into a new level of freedom, embodiment, and connection to Spirit. Our summer retreat in Ojai will be a deep dive into the practices and teachings of Mahayoga. Harshada will be co-leading the retreat with Body Temple Founder Adriana Rizzolo. 

Mahayoga is a ancient tradition originating in India that works with the awakened Kundalinī Shakti - the innate spiritual intelligence dwelling deep inside every person (mentioned above). The retreat will spend from Sunday night to Wednesday lunchtime meditating, doing silent tantra walks in the wilderness surrounding Ojai, moving in Body Temple dance ceremonies and asana classes, chanting kirtans, offering fire ceremony, and diving deep into the Mahayoga teachings of freedom and empowerment. This retreat is a powerful immersion experience. 

Because of the small group and medium-advanced level of this retreat, we'd like you fill out the questionnaire below so we can learn about you and your previous experience. After we get the questionnaire, we'll get back to you and schedule a time to have a talk about all the details. 

Retreat fees: $1100 USD* (**accomodations separate)

*limited LGBTQ+ and BIPOC discounts available 

**Accommodation options include staying onsite where the retreat is happening, arranging other accomodations, and camping nearby. 

I'd like to join this retreat! 

Fill out the form below and we will get back to you right away to have a chat.

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