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The Fakiri Institute is a new exciting initiative that Harshada is doing with Body Temple Founder Adriana Rizzolo. Fakiri is a non-profit organization with the mission of providing people with the resources they need to uplift themselves, heal, and discover their Sacred Essence. Fakiri will be a container for Harshada and Adriana's teaching and a promotional platform for others who are offering content and guidance related to lineage-based spiritual traditions. 


Our deepest dream is to create a residential retreat center in Southern California where people can come for spiritual retreats, creative retreats, healing retreats, and corporate trainings aligned with Fakiri's values. 


Fakiri is a dream that Harshada and Adriana have been dreaming for many years.

"There just aren't great retreat sites - especially here in Southern California. The older institutions like Omega and Kripalu on the East Coast have become so commercial. Out here we have Esalen up in Big Sur, but here there really is nothing great. We want to create a haven for healing and retreat and deep content."  Harshada

Under the banner of Fakiri, Harshada and Adriana will host retreats, gatherings, ceremonies and also support other teachers who are aligned with Fakiri's mission and culture. 

Fakiri is a word found in Hindi and Urdu with Arabic roots. The root word faqīr, in Arabic means "poverty", but the word has come to refer to a spiritual renunciate of the highest order. The fakir has little or no material possessions, not because of misfortune, but because they have such spiritual wealth and abundance, they don't want to be distracted. Our name, fakiri, is derived from a famous poem by the 16th century poet-saint Kabir. In the song, fakiri is an energy, a state of being drenched in saburi - divine contentment. 

मन लागो मेरो यार फ़कीरी में

मन लागो मेरो यार गरीबी में


जो सुख पायो राम (नाम) भजन में

वो सुख नाहीं अमीरी में

मन लागो मेरो यार फ़कीरी में


हाथ में तुंबा बगल में सोटा

चारों दिशा जागीरी में

 मन लागो मेरो यार फ़कीरी में


प्रेम नगर में रहनी हमारी

भली बनी आई सबूरी में 

 मन लागो मेरो यार फ़कीरी में


आखिर यह तन ख़ाक मिलेगा

क्यों फिरे मगरूरी में? 

 मन लागो मेरो यार फ़कीरी में


कहें कबीर सुनो भाई साधो

साहिब मिलेगा सबूरी में

Oh friend, my mind has taken to fakiri!


The joy you get in singing the Name,

you won’t get in all the riches of the world.

Oh friend, my mind has taken to fakiri!


A bowl in one hand, a stick in the other,

yet my kingdom stretches in four directions.

Oh friend mind has taken to fakiri!


I dwell in the city of love.

My prosperity is contentment itself.

Oh friend, my mind has taken to fakiri!


In the end, your body will meet with dust.

Why walk so arrogantly?

Oh friend, my mind has taken to fakiri!


Kabir says, listen seekers: 

We meet the Divine in Divine Contentment

Oh friend, my mind has taken to fakiri!

For press or speaking inquires, or to donate to the Fakiri Institute please email

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