A little more about Harshada's relationship with 


For Harshada, the India Pilgrimage Retreat is not just another offering or product. India is not just a venue. Harshada was been traveling to India for 25 years and has an intimate relationship with the land, the people, and the culture. Below you can read his own words.

The Beginning

"I went to India for the first time in 1997. I was living in my guru's ashram in upstate New York when she sent me to India on a teaching mission. I was a relatively new teacher, but was deeply devoted and already in love with Indian culture. My assignment lasted 6 months and took me all over the country. My teaching partner was a young Indian teacher and the two of us traveled together. 

We stayed in homes, in simple Indian accommodations, and were shown all of the secret sacred gems by the local students we were working with. This was my initiation. I was in love. The food, the people, the culture - all spoke straight to my heart. As a yoga student, I felt i was introduced to the heart of yoga, the essential energy behind the tradition and teachings.  

The Pilgrimage Retreat

In 2005 when I had a community of sincere seekers working with me, I had an idea to bring them to India. There was something missing only engaging in the practices and teachings without having that initiation into the direct energy of India. 

Amol Choudhary, a dear friend I met in '97, and I started putting together small group pilgrimages, bringing people to many of the same places I first visited in the beginning. We figured out how to preserve the purity of the experience with a level of ease and comfort. Year by year, group by group, we tinkered with the schedule and elements, and also forged great partnerships with local friends in each of the locations. Since 2005, we have led over 20 retreats together!